Get Away from Cliché- Throw Colours in Usual Trade Show Booths

“Booth Constructions, in partnership with Kallman, explains the value of colors in archetypal style of trade show booths for government agencies.”

Maryland Trade Show Booth


Creating a trade show booth for Maryland Aviation Administration, for a government body, coming out of the shell of sober colors mixture. To make an impressive exhibition stand that grabs trade show attendees’ attention at once.


The importance of national flag is sieved to present a trade show booth for MAA. The colors of the national flag are apparent on the official sites of Maryland. Thus, the idea of tossing multiple colors in the trade show booth was born.

Secondly, the name Maryland is named after the queen Maria Henrietta. Sifting the ashes of the past, the designing team led to the conclusion of fetching the hues that define the meaning behind these names. Thus, the colors of dominance, love, and sea are mirroring in the trade show booth for Maryland. As a result, we create color unison theme for Maryland integrating warm, cool, and neutral shade groups.


The trade show booth for MAA magnifies over a 32 Sqm. of the area. The floor was wooden for the exhibition stand while the ceiling overhead has well-gapped LED lights to underline the title bar. Four rectangular panels are built on the edge of the trade show booth with promotional graphics. Spotlights are specially placed overhead to throw light over the graphics that draw attention to the exhibition stand. The base of the exhibition stand is white to accentuate the colorful scheme of the stand.

About MAA

Operating under the administration of Maryland Department of Transportation, Maryland Aviation Administration is a state agency. It primarily promotes the importance of aerospace in the state together with fostering secure and competent operations, economic viability, and environmental stewardship. The agency is liable for the Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall operation, and Martin State Airports providing: customer care services; and developing better international and domestic passenger as well as cargo opportunities using up to date technology.

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