Farnborough International Airshow 2016 Exhibit Design and Construction

Farnborough International Airshow 2016 ended on a high note for every exhibitor. We at excelled in designing trade show booths for our clients who participated in Farnborough International Airshow. With 8 clients on our roster, the preparations for making this Airshow a grand success began 2 months prior. The exhibit design team applied their creative expertise to bring out the designs that were flawless and received high praise from the exhibitors. After that, the production team worked their magic on the designer’s vision and handed over the trade show booth promptly. Now that the Farnborough International Airshow 2016 is over, here is an insight on the design and execution of the booth construction process.

Turkish Aeropspace Inc. Exhibit Booth Design


• Designing a chalet for Turkish Aerospace Inc. in an area spread of 160 sqm.
• Construct a Double-deck exhibit with an outdoor balcony on the upper ground floor.


• Deliver the chalet that depicting the grandeur of aerospace industry.
• Design containing an indoor and outdoor appeal with VIP Lounge, meeting rooms, outdoor sitting area and product displays.

exhibit booth

*Façade view of the TAI chalet as our design vision and final delivered output in FIA 2016.

HCL Exhibit Design


  • Construct an island exhibit booth in an area of 64 sqm.
  • Design with a distinguished face maintaining the brand color scheme of azure blue and white.


  • Effectively deliver the exhibit design highlighting the branding.
  • An open lounge along with 2 indoor meeting rooms accompanied with a storage unit.

HCL Exhibit Design

The side-view of the tradeshow booth designed for HCL with the final results in FIA 2016.

IDAHO Booth Design


• Design a head stand trade show booth for the State of IDAHO in an area of 28 sqm.
• Adding 5 product demo areas as per design brief and build a custom exhibition stand with outdoor meeting lounge.


• Operations team to deliver the bespoke subtlety with marketing and graphics.
• Bringing a high visitor count in the trade show booth by creating a unique and standout design.

                         IDAHO Trade Show Stand

HAL Booth Design


• Design a chalet for Hindustan Aeronautical Limited in an area of 365 sqm.
• The installation must have a double deck and marketing graphics must be installed on the façade and the entry.


• Delivered the chalet to HAL in time and the view from the balcony covered the BAE systems.
• Accomplished the project of the double-deck stand with a balcony on the upper ground floor and outdoor sitting.

HAL Trade Show Booth

US Department of Defence Exhibit Booth Design


• Design a custom exhibition stand for US Department of Defence in an area of 81 sqm.
• The trade show booth design must contain 3 meeting rooms and a storage unit attached.


• Head stands designed for DOD in FIA 2016 delivered with an outdoor visitor lounge.
• Installing marketing and graphics and covering the entire trade show booth with blue and red installations.

DOD Exhibition Stand

Precision Castparts Corp Design


• Build a design concept for Precision Castparts Corp in an area of 153 sqm on a custom exhibition stand.
• The design must be in accordance to aviation industry theme and follow the branding of the organization.


• The trade shows booth containing 5 indoor meeting rooms and 2 open discussions sitting.
• The island stands with a one-side open sitting area, a bar and an outdoor lounge delivered with seamlessness.

                           Precision Castparts Corp Exhibit Design

Turbomecanica Exhibit Design


To design a concept for a custom exhibition stands for Turbomecanica in an area span of 30 sqm.
Bringing out the designer creativity for a stand out stand in a small area.


A distinguished design approach for head stands with product demo area installed.
The marketing and graphics impacting enough for brand registration and recall value.

Turbomecanica Trade Show Booth

All these designs, as well as the positive feedback we received from our exhibitors, are the driving forces that encourage us to move forward.

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