Exhibitors’ Travel Guide- Your Companion to Farnborough International Airshow 2016

Saint Augustine had said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” The statement is undoubtedly true. But to travel this “book” knowledge is unquestionably essential; especially it is crucial for exhibitors to ingest ample information and facts before reaching an international location for trade show exhibit. Thus, has compiled an informative travel guide, for exhibitors, intended to render them a safe and feasible stay in Farnborough during FIA 2016.

On the sublime county of Hampshire in England lies the town of Farnborough. It is widely known for its remarkable Farnborough International Airshow. Being a central location for a global exhibition, Farnborough draws proximity to several amenities. Read your travel guide to Farnborough making your appearance at FIA 2016 more feasible.

Exhibitors’ Travel Guide to Farnborough International Airshow 2016:

1. Transportation: A central location in Hampshire, Farnborough has access to eminent airports of London. Traveling to Farnborough International Airshow is entirely feasible from London city.

Via train

• First Great Western rail could be used to reach North Camp station.
• From North Camp station, shuttle or cab can be taken to reach FIA ground.
• Express Coach Service is given at London Heathrow Airport for a direct commute to trade show site.

Via taxi/cab

• With a car, you can reach the Airshow exhibit site in 45 minutes approximately.
• The show is taking place at A325.

Via Go-Ahead London

• Express coach service is provided by Go-Ahead London from central London to the trade show site.
• It will take two hours at least due to pickups from different locations.

2. Accommodation: Farnborough is a point of attraction for many trade visitors and ordinary folks due to FIA. Owing to the fact, it offers a great range of hotels and restaurants near the Airshow venue. Thus, getting an accommodation is no tough job in Farnborough.

• Get in touch with official hotel booking support of FIA 2016 for hotel reservation needs.
• Farnborough International Airshow premises are occupied with tempting eateries to satisfy your hunger cravings.

3. Mobile connection: Like any other industry oriented town, Farnborough has made connecting with the world much easier for its dwellers. Cell phones are no luxury in the town but an important device enabling connection across the country and world. Exhibitors visiting from different countries can easily get mobile connections too.

• SIM cards for national numbers could be purchased from local mobile stores.
• Airport concierge sells SIM cards at Gatwick Airport.
• International calling cards allow you to stay in touch with family and friends. You can purchase them from local mobile shops too.

4. Internet connectivity: The Internet is an unsurpassable medium getting linked with the world in Farnborough. It is available for use 24 hours a day in the town. The Internet is accessed with mobile data or Wi-Fi network.

• Farnborough International Airshow 2016 offers wireless connectivity to exhibitors to operate online. Use the link to access Wi-Fi in FIA 2016(add the link to wifi connectivity).
• Mobile data has to be activated on your phone until you reach the event venue.

5. Voltage/ Power: The town has specific energy standards to operate electrical devices. However, it remains same as the power range used in England.

• Single phase voltage of 230 volts is applied for electricity functions.
• Plug type G is used. Adapters are required if you are not coming from a country where power operates on similar voltage standards.

6. Exhibit Staff: A group of trained employees over exhibition stand are necessary imparting your display knowledge to visitors as well as to prospective clients.

• Exhibitors can send over their personal staff to operate at the exhibition booth.
• Organizers can provide personnel for your trade show booth.
• Local agencies for event staff could be contacted to arrange employees on your exhibit stand.
• Staff arranged from outside has to be trained about your display by your company only.

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