ExhibitorLive New Product Showcase 2017, the Ultimate Destination to Showcase Innovation

What if a trade show packed like sardines, helps you showcase your innovation in the most splendid manner, effortlessly? Escalating, won’t it be?

With more of advancement and more of exhibition solutions, one of the top buying shows of America, ExhibitorLive is once again all locked and loaded to paddle the canoes of the trade show professionals. The richest platform with 3000 decision makers and industry experts is here to educate everyone and unveil the best of innovations.

From immersive conferences and workshops to the rejuvenating networking opportunities, ExhibitorLive 2017 is geared up to deliver excellence.

Among a series of polished programs, one of the most refined activities at ExhibitorLive 2017 is the New Product Showcase (NPS). ExhibitorLive allows you to surrender the inventive product and services of your brand at the New Product Showcase 2017 and become a direct entrant of Buyers Choice Awards. To know about the entry requirements at New Product Showcase 2017, read the blog The New Product

Showcase at ExhibitorLive 2017

Why participate in New Product Showcase 2017?

Booth Constructions is here to tell you some benefits that come along with this mind-boggling opportunity.

•  Entry to the Buyers Choice Awards: Imagine your ground-breaking innovation becoming the choice of the year. ExhibitorLive gives you the power to turn your imagination into a reality with NPS.

•  The pre-show exposure: All the entrants will be featured in the March issue of ExhibitorLive. Further, your product will be listed online at And not only this, if you want you can have an even high visibility with a promotional video for your brand.

•  The at-show spotlight: With an NPS designator at your booth, you do not have to make much effort to inform your presence at NPS to the attendees. And what if I tell you, customers, will themselves visit your booth? Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, with the location of all the NPS entrants Map Handout, everything is possible.

•  The Square: A dedicated kiosk for the display on NPS entrants’ products and services.

•  The after-show publicity: media coverage with follow-up press releases is what comes with NPS. The winners will additionally be honored at the no. 1 Exhibitor magazine coverage. And the post-show publicity continues at ExhibitorLive.

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