Exhibition Glossary- 9 Words You Must Know in Exhibition Industry

Exhibition Glossary

As an exhibitor, if you do not understand these nine everyday used words in the exhibition industry then you will not be able to match up to the industry standards. So pick up your notepad and learn these words for your everyday reference in the exhibition arena. Use them in your conversations and be the vocab-ninja in the organization and stand out of the rest.

1. Pavilion: A temporary building that is used at public events and exhibitions. In one single pavilion, a lot of stands of the same category can exhibit and display their products. A pavilion is a huge area to accommodate over 300 stands in a hall.

Example of a Pavilion designed by


2. Chalet: A chalet is a huge area with a steep roof that is spread in the exhibition for meeting the prospective clients. Its design is as such that it is a meeting room with the double storey. The chalet is a concept used in air shows or defense exhibitions/ industry.

An example of a Chalet designed by


3. Inline Stand: An exhibit that is constructed in a continuous line along an aisle. It is also called as a Linear Display.They are completely customizable and bring life to your stand with the help of your exhibit design house.

4. I&D: Installation and Dismantling of a stand are also known as I&D. This is the basic service that every exhibit design house must provide you to make your exhibiting experience better. ensures that they do the I&D of the booth without any additional charges and ensures that the exhibitor has a hassle free exhibiting experience.

5. Aisle: A walkway intended for audience movement through an exposition or exhibit. This aisle is the area that every exhibition organizer also specifies in their hall plans so that the exhibitor can choose on a suitable stand and can manage the procedure well in advance according to the mentioned rules and regulations in the brochure.

6. Octanorm Stand: It’s a new system of creating a booth without using lot carpentry and tools. In octanorm stand, the intelligent design enables all types of accessories to be incorporated into the system. It is well engineered and gives you a simple and sophisticated experience.

7. Shell Scheme: Every exhibition organizer during an exhibition gives you the facility of the building and displaying your products in an already built stand which has the basic amenities and is built with simplicity to accommodate every kind of product. This is known as a shell scheme. Although you cannot customize it much, but the design is budget friendly and open to graphic displays.

8. Fabrication: The basic process of the construction of an exhibit is known as fabrication The various fabrication facilities provided by are fabricating innovative and creative exhibition booths, stalls, pavilions, portable exhibition display booths, custom based modular exhibition booths.

9. Drayage: The movement of show materials from shipping dock to booth for a show set up and back to dock for return shipment at the end of the show. This is a norm followed in US exhibitions since organizers there have this as one of the main rules for the movement & shipping of the products.