BoothConstructions to Design a Trade Show Booth at Security Essen 2016 is designing and constructing a trade show booth in one of the most prominent exhibitions of the security industry, Security Essen 2016. The golden opportunity eventuated when Lince Italy and Mazi Security Systems GmbH choose us to construct their booth for the event.

Proposed Design for the Trade Show Booth

A person who draws good is not an artist but a person with a keen sense of aesthetics is an artist. At we have an assiduous team of booth designers who understand that booth designing is both an art and a scientific procedure.

After being approached by Lince Italy Spa and Mazi Security system, our team proposed a design which was immediately approved.

Lince Italia Spa and Mazi Security system GmbH are two different companies who work on a partnership basis. Keeping this fact in mind, our booth designers conceptualized this headstand in a manner that it maintains both individual and collaborated essence.

The booth will be bifurcated by a side panel, of which one part will highlight the innovation of Lince Italia Spa and another part will highlight the creation of Mazi Security System GmbH.

The Lince Italia Spa

• It will be covered in the centralized color scheme of the brand, yellow and black.
• There will be a poster and product display on the main aisle, back wall and side panel
• The interiors of the stand will facilitate an open sitting area and pantry.

The Mazi Security System GmbH

• It will showcase a blue and white color theme.
• A poster and product display will be placed on the back wall, side panel and behind the information counter.
• An open sitting area and storage will also be unified in the stand.


Our hands-on experience in the exhibition industry has facilitated us with a sight to exemplify the medium’s expressive potential. Our booth designers and constructors, deeply infused with artistic skills weave on each detail to make every project we take a success.

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