The Impactful Cross-Marketing Channels for your Next Trade Show

Marketing managers are often seen in a state of perplex while making a choice over which marketing channel to choose while strategizing a campaign for a trade show.

While trade shows remain the most latent form of business development across borders, marketing today is no longer limited to a single touch point and platform. And, therefore brands today see no boundaries. They are universally eager to connect with their every possible customer and emerge them in a personalized experience. Having a marketing strategy that stretches across multiple platforms can help you leverage the maximum returns in your next trade show.

Spontaneous Social Media

In the world of dynamic business environment, silence no longer works. Hype your presence at an upcoming trade show on the powerful social media platforms. Sign up for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ today.
Before you engage yourself in any campaign, be sure to assess your business needs and goals. Analyze what you are trying to promote and who your target audience is. It may sound easy but to seize the attention of your target audience and concoct a relationship with them, understanding the uniqueness of your brand and communicating it to the consumers is the key.

Personalized E-mails

While interacting with your customers and prospects on the social media do not overlook the advantages of email marketing. A right email with the right message at the right time can do wonders to your business.

Actively building a database of customer emails and implementing progressive profiling setups your business for a digital success. With little efforts, you can get a list of attendees on the show you are exhibiting in. Send out a personalized e-mail invite to the target attendee base and schedule a meeting with them.

After the event, be sure to use the information you gathered to reach out and personally thank everyone who stopped by your area.

The Ever Young Traditional Media

The offline messages are as important as the online messages. The ever flashing Times Square billboards are a testimony to the importance of traditional media. Before the show starts think of the most effective and feasible traditional media platform (Print, T.V or Radio) that promotes the presence of your brand on the show.

A pleasant testimonial by your client on Facebook can be the headline of your next press release. With little creativity can turn your ads and news on the traditional media into a peer-to-peer format.

Trade shows bring infinite opportunities to network with the visitors and form a strategic alliance with the brands. But to seize these myriads of opportunities, it is important to form a cohesive pre-show marketing strategy which details the presence of your brand and excites the attendees with surprising elements tailored to their needs.