Bridging the Gap between Exhibit Designers and Booth Constructors

After gaining over ten years of experience in the exhibition designing industry, has emerged as one of the strongest contenders in the arena and aims at driving further, higher and achieving bigger. The company has over the years worked with various clients spread over the world to exhibit in European exhibition with its portfolio of high-end clients including Turkish Aerospace Inc (TAI), Hindustan Aeronautical Ltd. (HAL), US Army, HCL and a lot more. With offered services in designing including Custom Exhibition Stands and Modular Exhibition stands, we are trying to

Bridge the gap between Exhibit Designers and Booth Constructors

  1. Marketing Strategy: If you outsource a booth constructor for your exhibitions, the team will refrain itself from providing you with any marketing suggestions. It won’t be only because it is out of their work scope but also because they do not have experience in the same area. Whereas exhibit designer will ensure that they provide, you with the best marketing solutions that fall in sync with your exhibition stand design. is a combination of both. This is seen from our experience of working with Viraaj for Wire & Tube where we gave them a design theme that represented their brand and logo with the best output.

Viraj Trade Show Booth

*The concept of rising bird designed for Viraaj in Wire & Tube exhibition in 2016.

2. Need-based Solutions: When you work with booth constructors, you ought to have a pre-defined concept in your mind and the outcome that you expect from them. Whereas, exhibit designer follows a different approach. For them, they take the brief from you and give you the flexible solution matching up to your needs and requirements, providing their insights on the same with their expertise in the field. also follows the same approach. We do not believe in only working on your briefs, and we give our insights that we have gained from our vast experience, giving you the best solution. This can be seen in our work for TAI in Farnborough International Airshow 2016 where they asked us to design a chalet, and we provided them the best insights on how and where to install the marketing and graphics and the way to work around the suspensions.

3. High ROI: An exhibit designer will always focus on driving a higher return on investment and help you in reaping maximum benefit out of the installation that they make for you at the venue. For this, they will ensure that they can give you every service that one can drive out of the budget that you provide. In the same light, we craft a solution to work on an idea that merges your vision and our expertise.

4. Product Centered Approach: When we frame an idea to work on for an exhibition, we put down the idea that gives your product the major highlight because we understand that it is what that is going to sell at the end. The approach that an exhibit designer ventures out with is product centric. In our company also, the primary focus lies on ways to ensure that the selling point is the product and not our design.

5. Structure Centred Approach: Booth Constructors are majorly focused on achieving the accuracy in the structure. This can be done by using the best in class materials, good flooring, right suspensions, high production capacity, etc. With our production house based in Europe, all these aspects are looked into with perfect intricacy and we finally achieve the seamless results with them. The same can be observed with our work for Sun Pharma in CPhI 2015 where the structure area was high, and we also gave them the spot on designing with marketing strategy.

Exhibit Designer

 *Design Scheme for Sun Pharma in CPhI 2015

With our services, we aim at bridging this gap that pertains between Booth Constructors and Exhibit Designers. Reach us out if you want us to work on your next exhibition HERE.