BoothConstructions presents Work in Progress Report for Eurosatory 2016

With Eurosatory 2016 just around the corner, and our production and operations team has reached the venue in Paris and are excited to share their work report with you. Eurosatory, an exhibition organized by COGES is scheduled to take place from 13th June to 17th June 2016 in Viparis Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center – Halls 6 & 5a, Paris. The exhibition that was last held in 2014 is a Defence and Security International Exhibition for the Land & Airland Solution.

Booth Constructions shares the pleasure that we have 3 exhibit design halls in Eurosatory 2016 with our clients SVOS SPOL S.R.O. , DASA and India Pavilion. As mentioned already, our production team is working in full force there and shared their experience with us as they design the India Pavilion.

Eurosatory Exhibition

Ongoing construction work for India Pavilion in Eurosatory 2016.

Trade Show Stand Designers in Eurosatory 2016

*Workers and labour on the charge to construct India Pavilion in Eurosatory 2016.

The India Pavilion stand is a combination of 2 stands of 108 sqm each making the complete area of the pavilion be 216 sqm. The suspension hanging above with India’s branding logo is a brilliantly designed theme, and we are certain that the end results will also turn out to be as amazing as the hard work our team is putting in.

We will get back to you with more images from the venue with the ongoing work of our other two clients SVOS SPOL S.R.O. and DASA.

See you from 13th to 17th June in Eurosatory 2016, Paris!