Booth Constructions will Raise the Curtain at CPhi Worldwide 2016, Tomorrow

Booth Constructions, the leading trade show booth designer and builder in Europe, will unveil its outstanding trade show booths tomorrow at CPhi Worldwide 2016 in Spain for the twelve Pharma celebrities. The official service partners are widely acclaimed for their exceptional trade show booths designed for the key players coming from varied business sectors in Europe. The company has acquired over a decade of expertise in designing and building trade show booths for Pharmaceutical exhibitions. After a successful completion in CPhi 2015, Booth Constructions looks forward to another successful culmination of CPhi 2016 in Spain.

Teamwork at CPhi 2016

Securing a niche in Pharmaceutical trade shows, Booth Constructions has delivered the best trade show solutions to the exhibitors participating in CPhi for several years. The assiduous teams of Exhibit Designers, Stand Builders, and Project Coordinators are present at the trade show for leading a successful showcase outreaching the last one. With complete content and harmony, the company is ready to make CPhi 2016 another success.

Trade Show Exhibits before Finale

Booth Constructions has reached the final leg of preparation for the opening of the trade show stands tomorrow. We are once again entering the trade show with the twelve brands of the Pharma world. The official Service Partners at CPhi Worldwide 2016 designed and has built the most enticing array of trade show booths for exhibitors participating from various parts of the globe. The exhibition stands are entirely prepared while the scrutiny is going on for a thorough installation of trade show booths. The teams are engaged in giving the final touch required for any trade show stand.

About the Trade Show

Connecting exhibitors from more than 150 geographical locations of the world, CPhi Worldwide is rated as one of the leading Pharmaceutical trade shows around the globe. The trade show offers a huge platform for the movers and shakers of the Pharma industry to meet and greet giving rise to newest innovations of the sector.

Delivering an outstanding showcase with every Pharmaceutical trade show with expertise, CPhi Worldwide 2016 is an important event for the trade show booth designers. Diversifying every trade show with unique trade show exhibit designs, Booth Constructions has become a renowned name in the world of exhibit designers in Europe.

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