Best Ways to Reduce Trade Show Stands Cost

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” Benjamin Franklin

Who does not wish to save money on inflating trade show stand cost? To put your business on display in a trade show is the most expensive kind of marketing. Exhibitors try to include every possible aspect in their trade show booth to promote their brands. However, smart budgeting is an essential factor getting an exclusive exhibition stand for your goods/services. Every exhibitor wishes to bring the maximum output with their investment and cut the cost wherever possible.

trade show cost

Enlisted here, are the four tips to save cost on your overall estimate of your trade show display:

1. Service Provider: Several service partners are listed with organizers in every exhibition. However, the exhibitor can also choose an independent service provider. Try to select an trade show stand designer offering you the best price. Compare the price difference between the organizer’s list and your personal list of service partners.

2. Research before Reserve: Try to do a substantial amount of research before closing the deal with an exhibit house. You will always come across service providers keeping the given quotation intact with sincerity. But several exhibitors confront trade show booth builders who keep raising their budget during the execution process, for various excuses. Do not fall prey to these cost-making gimmicks of service providers. Research and analyze well before you sign the final contract with a trade show booth builder.

3. Save on AV & furniture rental: Before the final execution, you can talk to your service provider about the expenditure over Audio/Video displays and furniture rental. AV displays. In a trade show, a big chunk of the cost is incurred on high-quality AV display and furnishing. Try to find out whether the trade show booth provider is saving over the cost incurred on furniture and AV displays.

To conclude with the words of Benjamin Franklin, every extra bill that you save makes a difference.