6 Promotional Drawbacks to Avoid at Trade Show Display

Trade shows are the superlative promotion platforms for different industrial sectors across the world. Your trade show display in an exhibition stands witness to your company’s products and services. There is no doubt that a trade show is a perfect chance to build your brand power over people and draw potential prospects towards your business. However, several exhibitors do knock down their reputation at an exhibition showing negligence towards opposite promotion of their trade. Some exhibitors even end up with clusters of the crowd over their booths without attracting qualified leads towards their business, due to certain drawbacks in their trade show display promotion.

Promotional Shortcomings:

1. No Prior Publicity: How would people know that you are about to display your work at any exhibition? Well, promotion is the only key. Disregarding the factor of prior publicity prompts qualified clients to visit your trade show booth at very last, most probably. People who may visit your exhibition stand may not even have any relevance to your business or need your services/products.

2. Lotto Trick: Are you still sticking to ‘fish bowl’ method and asking visitors to leave their contact details in exchange for winning something BIG? If the winning prize is unrelated to your business, then you are completely wasting your time. You will end up collecting a heap of contact cards, who are the people expecting a call regarding the prize. They will not be having any interest in your business goods/services.

3. Futile Handouts: There is absolutely no point to give away promotional products that end up in a garbage can at the end of the trade show. Once again the relevance of your company matters in handouts. A giveaway with utility and integrated with your brand promotion is highly recommended.

4. Trained Staff: An untrained staff on the trade show booth would not be able to provide your business insights and benefits to the prospective customers. An unconvinced client may not bother to contact you for any further discussions. Allow them to rehearse the presentation as well as prepare the questions to attract the trade show attendees over their exhibition stand.

5. Prior Invitations: You should get an organized list, in advance, about the attendees in the trade show. Send prior invitations to the attendees listing your display, dates, venues and products or services. Keeping the trade show attendees updated is important to draw a right audience on your trade show booth. Invitations sent in the form of e-mailers are successful for trade shows.

6. Pointless Performers: Lose any useless features on your exhibition stand, such as magicians, singers or dancers, to attract visitors. Folks may gather at your trade show booth but only for the sake of entertainment. It may even block the access to your stand while your qualified clients would be walking away to another exhibit.

Conquer Promotional Shortcomings:

Trade show display are crucial platforms for building your brand reputation. It requires serious potential and solemn approach. Do not make your booth just a spectacle for visitors. It is important too-

• Start publicizing your trade show booth before the main date of the trade show. With the boom of social media in contemporary scenario, there stands no chance of lagging in the promotion of your exhibit.

• Relevant prizes should be announced in exchange of contact details of visitors in the ‘bowl’. In this way, only qualified leads would be drawing near your booth. You are not willing to end up with a clutter of needless business cards.

• Promotional handouts should be more useful. Instead of typical fridge magnets and caps, try tote bags, headphones, notebooks, and pens. In short, try things that are more functional. Try to centralize promotional giveaways with your services.

• Impart proper training to your staff regarding the products/services you are displaying and their benefits. They should also be well-trained about greeting visitors politely and speaking at a modulated pitch.

• Personal calls could be made for informing attendees about your trade show exhibit. A personalized conversation could be targeted to invitees and important trade show visitors. Do not forget to send a reminder mail, few days before the main event.

• Avoid blocking access to your booths with not required performers and unwanted visitors. You need to organize an impactful trade show exhibit for brand promotion; you are not participating in Olympics where cheerleaders and entertainers will cheer up the crowd and participants.

With an accurate selection of trade show booth, appealing graphics, courteous team and proper publicity, you can have a remarkable trade show display. In addition, you would be drawing qualified leads towards your business.

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