Answering 5Ws of Exhibiting


Although being a concept of journalism, 5Ws answers most of your doubts and concerns related to any industry. 5Ws include Who, What, When, Where and Why. Once you can figure out this answer, your life becomes easier as an exhibitor, and you can be a successful exhibitor at a trade show. This can be named as your event checklist and is a part of the pre-planning process. So though we agree that pre-planning is a daunting task, but if you are segmenting your planning in these 5 segments, then you can answer it all well.

1. Who: When pre-planning answer the question WHO is going to be your target audience as an exhibitor. You must already have a list of the visitors and a pre-bifurcated audience persona which helps you better in understanding how to market and promote your product to these attendees. Once finalized, an effective strategy must be followed to pitch into the desired clients that will give you a better result.

2. What: WHAT refers to your product and how brilliantly you have exhibited it in the show. During the pre-planning process, the exhibitors are so occupied that they tend to skip on laying emphasis on the psychological factors determining the placement of the product. You must pre-decide and well plan how and where you will be including your product and what your pitch will comprise of to gain maximum points of sale.

3. When: Most of the exhibitors do not prioritize the shows they want to attend and hence end up cluttering their calendars making it difficult for them to adapt to the working schedules. However, that should not be the case. WHEN stands for that when do you think that which exhibition is relevant enough for your company to participate in and to participate in the same accordingly.

4. Where: Where answers the location you want to exhibit in. There are specific companies in pre-determined countries which bear your target audience. So you must focus on those locations only instead of again going out of scope, to the places that won’t even serve you the desired output and ROI.

5. Why: WHY answers the objectives of exhibiting. Each exhibitor has a different approach to undertaking an exhibition differently. It becomes imperative to have an idea of the motivation behind your participation. Once you get that idea, you can align your exhibit planning accordingly. Are you debuting new products? Blowing trumpets about your brand? Seeking Opportunities to nurture relationships? Whatever it might be, plan your exhibition in accordance to that.

If you want an answer to HOW of all these, you need a good exhibit design house to answer them all for you. So you can contact us.