5 Secrets to Perfect Exhibit Location

Trade Show Booth Location Secrets

In an exhibition, one thing that counts the most is the location of your stand. Where you are going to place your stand has all the impact on the visitors and how they navigate from one place to your exhibit is the deciding factor to your exhibitions’ success. Understanding the psychology behind how people have a different mindset to be moving around in a closed space also becomes vital in this case. Along with that, the crucial aspect is being placed at such a place that it gains maximum attention and visitors’ engagement. Most of the exhibitors have a mindset that erecting your trade show booth at the entrance is the only way to bring maximum visitors. However, this article will change your perception to that. So, here are 5 secrets to having a perfect exhibit stand location:

1. Entry is not the answer: As said above, most of the exhibitors have a mindset that the perfect location for every exhibition is to be located at the entrance as that is the one place that has maximum visitor exposure. However, that is not the case. This ultimately depends on your product, budget, design, and exhibition area. Also, since the entrance is the most crowded area of the exhibition, it has the least visitor retention as most of the visitors start to flock out of there feeling congestion and feel the need to explore better. So no, entrance is not the perfect location to the bet exhibit stand.

2. Pre-Floor-Planning & Hall-Recce: Once you receive the hall plan, you must go to your exhibit design house and discuss the design brief. Ask them for the best possible solution to what your floor plan should ideally be. Post the discussion; you will have a better idea as to what will suit your needs and requirement of the product. Once final on the same, go ahead and do a hall recce if the organizer permits. Once you reach there, you will have a better clarity as to what will suit the pre-defined floor plan submitted by your trade show booth designer and further help you in deciding on the location.

3. Proximity to Big Players: One of the smart things that as an exhibitor you can do is to be in proximity to bigger players of the industry. Big players always have a bigger area and better engagement plans. So, visitors tend to be around their stand. It can come to a better value for you if you are located near them. Once the visitor is done visiting their stand, there is a better chance for them to be coming to your trade show stand (given they are interested in your product and services.)

4. Directions: Right or Left? It is one of the most frequently asked questions that exhibitors ask and has a very simple and direct logical response. The countries drive on the left have the tendency to walk on the right side of the aisle. So as per the target visitor, think about the location of your trade show booth and plan further accordingly.

5. Budget Links Creativity: One of the most vital things that most people do not think about is the budget aspect of the trade show booth. While choosing the right location, the first and foremost thing that must be in your mind is your company budget. Once the budget is fixed, it becomes easier to narrow down your choices. It does not mean that if you have a smaller budget, your location will be the worse. You can still amp up the visitor count by being more creative in the design. In this, your exhibition design house will have the biggest role to play. How creative and unique they can be in a restricted area will be their greatest challenge to achieve.