5 Marketing Myths of Trade Shows now Busted

Myths of Trade Shows

When marketing from trade shows, a lot of exhibitors have too many apprehensions and end up messing up with a lot o factors that can make you trade show exhibit stand out of rest. There is so much in this technologically driven world which should be incorporated in the exhibitions arena to ensure that the results and outcome in terms of marketing. Despite trade shows being an age old way to promote the products yet is most adaptable industry to changes and accepting innovation. So as an exhibitor you must tap on this USP and make most out of trade show marketing. But before that, ensure that we want to bust these thought bubbles that you have in your mind regarding exhibit marketing so that you embrace marketing with a distinguished approach and formula.

1. B2B social media is boring: Everything and anything is only boring if you make it so. Nothing can ever change the way an industry is looked at. Definitely B2B is more serious and factual however it is not essential to present those facts in a boring format. You can always experiment with the content and pep it up to generate the reader’s interest and make them more inclined towards knowing your company and product. Additionally, B2B has an added advantage of having a well defined reader persona who understands the industry well so you if targeted right, your content can be excellently presented.

2. You cannot script face-to-face marketing: During exhibitions, your pitch must be perfect and then only you can achieve sales is absolutely true. But what most of the exhibitors ask is how we can have a pitch perfected in a face to face interaction wherein impromptu questions can be raised. But what these exhibitors fail to understand is the fact that at the end of the day, it is your product and there is nothing that you don’t know about it. So, try and frame every questions that pops into your mind as an attendee starting from the basics to the most technical ones and frame a rough response to them all. This way most of the leads that come your way will have perfectly framed answers to their queries making you the super hero for your company.

3. Trade show marketing ends as the day ends: This is a big time myth that as an exhibitor, the process of marketing ends as soon as the clock strikes the time nearing the closing of the exhibition. To bust this thought, we want to tell you that we have seen a lot of exhibitors who do not update their feeds or send across follow up mails to their leads after the trade show thinking that they will not be responding back or active on their machines. However, these exhibitors are also the ones that do not have a good trade show ROI as they fail to create memory retention in the minds of the visitors due to their post show absence.

4. Staff presentation does not impact the sales: Your staff is the face of your product and brand and their way of talking, presentation skills, management skills everything matters a lot. It might be true that your product speaks for itself but unless there is a good point of sale created by your salesperson, you will always fail to create an impact on the attendee. So ensure that your staffs is well presented, well dressed and well active during the exhibition.

5. In-booth presentation remains constant: This point changes from industry to industry but bringing in the change in your interiors and presentation style of the booth should never be constant on year on year basis. You should keep on changing and altering the way your interiors are in every exhibition and make your design element as the talk of the town every time you attend a trade show. This change in marketing approach will attract new and retain your old clients at the same time.

So, now that we have spilled the beans on a lot of marketing tips we genuinely hope that you inculcate good marketing practise and make most out of the next trade show you visit!