5 Guidelines for Exhibiting in Germany for Your Next Trade Show being based out of Berlin, Germany specializes in exhibiting in the country. We are now one of the well-known leaders when it comes down to exhibiting in Germany whether it is in Dusseldorf or Frankfurt. We deal in most of the exhibitions in the country and realize the potential of market growth in Germany and the EU. We have over the time helped international exhibitors who want to leave a global mark in the exhibition arena by exhibiting in European nations and today our focal point especially is in Germany.

Exhibiting in Germany

Why Exhibit in Germany?

The trade show market scenario of Germany has seen a significant surge at the time and is being considered as one of the highest growing countries in the industry.

4 facts about the Trade Show industry in Germany that will prompt you to exhibit in the country:

• Every year the approximate revenue of exhibitors in the trade show industry of Germany is around € 12 billion.

• More than 2.7 million attendees attend the German exhibitions from foreign countries.

• The German trade fair organizers have extensive experience in the conduct of international trade fairs.

• Consider exhibiting in Germany because there are no unions, no drayage, cost moderate show organizers and fewer design restrictions.

5 Guidelines for exhibiting in Germany for your next trade show

1. Staff attire: While exhibiting in German Trade Shows, you must ensure that the staff is dressed in a formal corporate attire. For women, you must make sure that the outfit is conservative and business centric. When it comes to male dressing, suits are preferred. It is best advised against flashy outfits and jewelry. Tattoos and piercing must be covered or hidden.

2. Technicalities: Generally exhibition venues use a 220 V power supply. The Value added tax in Germany is exempted for all international exhibitors exhibiting in Germany (and pan-Europe). According to an important VAT shift paradigm, this law was passed that the participation of international exhibitors, their fees and booth construction invoices for all trade show booths built locally by European Union member countries will not add VAT. The music must be licensed and approved for any royalties. Additionally, since there are no onsite labors, ensure that the exhibit design house brings along their crew to install and dismantle the trade show booth.

3. Language Constraints/barriers: There are no major language constraints in Germany unlike Spain, and English remains a well-versed/a widely spoken language. But for courtesy’s sake, you must have a translator on the exhibit stand for better approach and translation process.

4. Greetings: In Germany, the basic greeting is to shake hands before and after the meeting. It is considered as one of the very basic etiquettes, and the conversations are very formal and corporate. Unlike the US, they have a do not have a casual approach to work and are very professional.

5. Additional Information:

• The major exhibition halls in Germany are Messe Düsseldorf, Messe Frankfurt and these both are easily accessible via public transportation.

• The opening time for the exhibition hall is from 9 am to 6 pm (may vary).

• The Germans are considered to be very punctual and value time. So make sure that you are always on time and have a strict habit of reaching on time. Here, being even a minute late is considered offensive.

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