5 Changes that you Must Bring in when Exhibiting

As clichéd as it may sound but it’s true that change is the only constant. So until and unless you are not changing with the changing times, you are not progressing. The same theory applies to exhibiting also. Till the time you are embracing the new things and moving on them, your success is assured. The times when you stop and be constant, you are failing to impress your attendees and visitors. The key to amazing exhibiting is realizing your ability to accept the growth and new things, with that also move ahead and achieve bigger. So here are a few things that you must change year on year basis so that you gain the best output from exhibiting and can measure it in comparison to the previous growth and have a better analysis.
exhibitingChange in Perspective: Every year when you go out to exhibit, every time think of things from a different perspective. Try to include things that would make customers go crazy over your exhibit design and think of new ways to reach out to them and reap maximum benefit out of your booth! A new perspective always gives you a different angle to the way you look at things and with that new angle you always explore better opportunities.

Change in Designing: Don’t every year go for the same conventional exhibit design that you use every year. Ask your trade show designer to think of something completely new and innovative that experiments with your product. This always gives the visitors new reasons to come and visit your stand, seeking golden opportunity for you to network with new people as well as retain the previous clients.

Change in Data Collection: Upgrade with technology whenever it comes down to data tracking and collection. Use new and simpler versions of lead management systems. If you have a QR code scanner on your exhibit, then make full use of it and manage your entire data in a better format. This way you can keep a track of your old clients and makes it easy to get to know the new ones. Additionally, this also ensures that your data is up to date, making follow-ups a seamless process.

Change in Promotions: Every year make an addition to the existing modes of promotions. If you are already active on Twitter for branding, then explore LinkedIn. If you have fully explored all the social media channels, think of sending out press releases. If that is also covered, you can shoot mailers to your clients. Every media adds value to your company and also finds different avenues to reach out new people.

Change in Technology: Upgrading yourself on the newest technology is imperative in the exhibition arena. With the cutthroat, competition and people’s eye for innovation makes the technology a very important segment for change. Keep yourself updated with the year’s trends and exhibit accordingly.

So bring in these simple changes with you and your exhibition success graph will always be positive.