10 Mistakes That You Can Avoid Making in the Exhibitions

If it is your debut in the exhibition industry as an exhibitor, then there are a lot of things that might go wrong. However, these mistakes might cost your organization far more than you can imagine. So, here we have enlisted 10 mistakes that you can avoid making and achieve a flawless debut performance in the exhibitions:

1. Going Unplanned: In case you are visiting an exhibition as an exhibitor and going there without a plan of action, then we can safely bet that you will fail. So, always have a safe planning and figuring out session and consult with seniors to guide you well through it.

2. Budget Crisis: Being a miser and saving a few bucks that need to be shell out essentially for important things should be a big no-no for you. You must realize that this exhibition means a big deal to your company. So, more than saving their money they worry about the failure of the exhibition.

3. No Pre-Show: Not having a presence before the show is one of the biggest mistakes that exhibitors make. During their preparation days, they do not concentrate at all on marketing their product or brand to the prospective audience which might make them fail terribly during the show.

4. Graphic Disaster: Having access to the graphics, brochures, catalogs and marketing the products with the help of graphics might go wrong. So you must have them in advance with you especially if you have outsourced the same. You must guide your agency about the deadlines, and they must get every marketing communication approved by you.

5. Follow-Up Policy: This again is such a norm in the exhibit arena where the exhibitors do not go ahead to follow up with the leads generated during the show. Until and unless you will not remind them of your presence, you are not going to develop real business values with them leading to a failed show.

6. Dead Deadlines: Before the show, if you are not addressing to the pre-defined deadlines then there is a big chance that you might fail to excel in the exhibition industry. Deadlines are as crucial as the planning process and must be focused on.

7. Post Disappearance: Just like the pre-show absence, a lot of brands go light on their post-show presence as the exhibitors enter the snooze mode. One must realize the fact that this time is of paramount importance to you and must be optimized completely.

8. Missing on Measurements: Measuring your exhibit success should be considered as a part of your pre-planning phase so that you can conclude on the changes that you want to see in your future exhibitions and ventures. This way you are also ensuring that you do not end up making a lot of mistakes in future.

9. Tech-Handicap: Being technologically handicapped in this digital arena is not a thing that you can afford doing. Being well versed with the internet zone is a must for every exhibitor else you cannot succeed and have a personal growth in this zone.

10. No Celebrations: Not celebrating your success leads to you having a sad and uneventful next year. So, post the event ensure that you celebrate your success, and that will be your biggest motivation to moving on to the next year’s exhibition.

So, address all these issues and lead a successful, mistake-free exhibitor life.

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