What International Exhibitors Need to Know from Stand Contractors? From Shambles to Systemization

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

Exhibiting in international shows is quintessential in networking for your corporate. It plays a key role in establishing your company’s brand impact, on a global platform, while drawing back potential clients towards your business. With that, trade show exhibits enable you reuniting with your existing buyers too. Leaving a ceaseless impression on the show visitors, however, requires an impeccable trade show booth design. And an exceptional exhibit designer can give you the perfect shot crucial for the incredible exposition. But exhibiting out of your country is a complicated job. An organized information palette from your booth contractoris indispensable in smoothing workflow for your exhibition booth.

Mentioned below are the most considerable insights exhibitors seek from their contractors before setting up a trade show booth, on an international venue.

What exhibitors should enquire from their stand designers before planning to exhibit in an international trade show?

Starter Queries

Primary information helps you in locking the deal with the booth designer. Understanding the facilities provided by your contractor allow you to select the aptexhibition stand builder for an international trade show.

Before making any further decision always:

• Ask for a complete company profile. Do not hesitate to check out booth designer’s company website and to verify with the previous satisfied clients.

• Enquire about their overall experience in the industry. You can always ask for exhibition-specific experience from the contractor. For Instance, if you are arranging an exhibit for a defense trade show then ask whether the designer has any previous experience in constructing booths in defense expositions.

• Check in advance if the stand designer is ready to take approvals from the trade show organizer on your behalf. It helps in reducing the burden on your end.

The point of Information: You can always refer to the service providers Company’s FAQ to find out the answers for your exhibiting queries.

Hiring contractors

Contractors/service providers are generally of two kinds including:

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors: An exhibitor can appoint an exhibit house on its own for designing its booth. In this case, the choice of the exhibitor is personal, and the hiring cost becomes less.

Registered with Organizer: Exhibitors may hire service providers who are pre-registered with the trade show organizer. However, the cost incurred on the stand builders from the organizer’s list is mostly high.

Freight forwarder

A freight forwarder (Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier) is that person or company who arranges shipments for your exhibiting goods to the trade show venue. A contractor is only responsible for arranging freight forwarder for itself. In other words, all the paraphernalia desired for the exhibition stand design would be solely transported by the service provider. However, the equipment or the product models that an organization is willing to display would be dispatched by the organization only. The company thus has to arrange for a freight forwarder.

Mode of Transportation

There are two vital mediums of shipping the products of the display by the company.

By Air: Dispatching the consignments by air is a convenient mode for the companies established in different global locations, other than where the exposition is organized. Shipments via air-cargo can be more expensive.

By Sea: Shipping the freight through the sea is a convenient and less costly option for the exhibitors demonstrating from different countries. However, sea-cargo requires more time to reach the location. So it becomes essential for the demonstrator to initiate the process two to three months earlier from the main event date.

Installation and Dismantling

Exhibiting companies should be transparent on the factor of Installation and Dismantling over the exhibition venue with the company. Always cross-check with the contractor if:

• They are providing installation and dismantling on their end.

• They are going to arrange the collection and disposal of the garbage caused by installation and dismantling.
Installation time

Time barrier for installation and dismantling is set by the show organizer.

• The complete time allotted to the exhibitors for setting their trade show stand is provided to the exhibitors before a month, at least, by the organizer.

• It is essential for the contractor as well as for the exhibitor to send their freight over to the trade show booth location on the assigned timeline.

11th Hour Changes

You cannot foresee whether you will be required to add something extra to you trade show exhibit eventually. Several times unexpected changes are needed to be done on your trade show booth as a need of the hour. It would be more convenient to ask your service provider, beforehand, whether it can accommodate any last-minute changes. Most companies can provide only minor alterations. As a matter of fact, none of the companies can add-on things in the main design. However, addition, on the demand of the exhibitor, may be done.

Also, it is suggested to the exhibitors that all innovating inclusions should be mentioned to the designer before the final structure is made. It is better for the exhibitors to avoid any last minute changes. Any eleventh-hour changes may need the approval of the trade show organizer.

Services by Booth Contractors

In international exhibiting, several functions have to be carried out by the service provider for exhibitors. From the onset of the mutual contract between the both parties, everything from designing to the dismantling of exhibition booths is achieved by the contractor. The varied services include:

• Creating trade show booth design with exhibitor’s approval.

• Getting required approvals from the organizer regarding the design and layout of the trade show exhibit.

• Arranging all the pre-requisite for the trade show booth construction as per the finalized design. Exhibitors have to arrange the products themselves that they are willing to display in the demonstration.

• Material handling (things booth designer needs for building the booth).

• Furniture and carpeting are contractor’s job. Any furnishings offered in the final design of the stand are provided by the trade show booth builder. It includes:
– flooring,
– carpeting
– illuminations,
– electricity system,
– visual displays,
– floral arrangement, and
– signage.

Do not forget to prepare your personal checklist for the services you are availing from the contractor.


Food facilities: In-booth food services are common in larger exhibits. Contractors can arrange caterers in your booth for a charge. You should cross check with your service provider regarding the food supply. It is possible that certain stand builders may not accommodate catering needs. In several exhibitions, the organizers enlist food caterers, and exhibitors are allowed to contract the caterers enlisted by organizers only.

Trained personnel: Booth staff at trade show booth is appointed to educate trade visitors regarding the display. The employees are liable, at the venue, to provide sufficient knowledge to the visitors about their products or services. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to engage a well-trained staff on the booth. Otherwise, you can look for agencies in the exhibiting location provide employees for your trade show booth. In any case, exhibitor has to organize a trainer to train its booth staff.

We witness heights of success achieved by international exhibitors with every new exhibition. To emerge as a leader in the marketplace of global trade shows, business people are in a crucial need of beating the existing trends. Make sure to hire the best service provider of the realm.

Be ready for trendsetting spunk with us. Contact us regarding your queries for our booth services for the ultimate success of your international trade show exhibit.

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